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Since 1988 in this Field

Crystal Corporation was established with a vision to provide solutions based on Hi-Tech Engineering Products with Main Emphasis on Electrical & Mechanical Spare parts.

The Company has built with a rich Profound Experience to Serve All Sector of Manufacturing Since its Inception in 1988. The Product of the Company is widely accepted for its high quality and consistency by many industries such as Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Steel, Salt, Cement, Foundries, Auto Mobiles, Telecommunication, Waterworks, Metal, Mining, Electrical, Electronics & Communication, Agriculture and many other Industrial Sectors.

The company’s extensive product range and ability to fulfill Product requests on Demand had enabled it to provide the highest level of customer service. Over the years Crystal Corporation had added a comprehensive and wide range of spare parts from Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Bakelite, Sheet metal, Porcelain, Plastic, Fiber Glass, CI and much more in its Product range.

We acknowledge the fact that no two requirements are alike and work alongside our customers to understand their requirements and help them select the right Products, standing true to our principle of helping the Customer right.

Effectiveness and efficiency are our aims in all that we do. Our Team is highly expertise and has depth Knowledge of Products Application and its Operation resulting in filtering the right and Cost-Effective Product output with optimizing Quality(Q), Cost (C), and time (T) Factors.

Our Operations Are Multi-Dimensional and extended from Manufacturing, Trading, Importing, Exporting and Job Works of Machining on a variety of Products from Metal, Plastics, Bakelite, Fiber Glass, etc. by carrying out operations such as CNC Machining, VMC Machining, Water Jet, Drilling, Laser Cutting and much more. Keeping in Mind the peculiarities and constraints that could be faced in verities of operation we had enhanced our dedication and teamwork to bring an Oriented and Dynamic Result.

Our Vision: - Our Vision is to be the Industry expert as Electrical and Mechanical Spare Parts Providers and make our products Profound and universally available.





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